Hi! My name is Hannes. I’m a freelance JavaScript architect.

Currently I'm creating Patternson, a Component Library Hosting Platform.

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Nowadays web applications tend to be huge and complex systems, leading to an increasing amount of logic being moved into (web-)clients and nodejs. This is presenting various new challenges to modern web-developers which I strive to find the best solutions for.

I’m working in, observing and shaping companies that build big web apps for the better part of five years. I’m deeply interested in maintainability, scalability, automation, work culture and team building. Especially in front-end development teams.

As a quick learner I am able to easily pick up best practices as well as the latest cutting edge concepts to tailor solutions for the specific problems we are facing. Whether purely technical in writing code or on a team/company focused meta-level.

My other lives

I love open source and tinkering with all sorts of tech. Check out my GitHub profile.

I also write and talk about music and life in general on hannesdiem.de and in the Tagesform Podcast (both in german).

I sing and play a bunch of instruments with my bands House on a Hill and Absolem Max.

I write and publish songs and make videos to document the process.

Everything I do, I do in the strong belief that we can make the world a better place through love and peace Love and Peace.